It Started With An Idea

American Heat Treating, Inc. has become a quality heat treating leader in the Northeast. We strive to meet our goals by using risk based thinking and constant communication with our interested parties including customers, owners, and suppliers. Our experienced staff is dedicated 24 hours a day to meet your needs.
American Heat Treating, Inc. provides repeatable process controls as our lines are equipped with Super Systems Instrumentation that constantly records in the back ground, so we can monitor any job in “real time.” All the process parameters are captured thanks to the data acquisition software. This state of the art system provides precise control of furnace atmospheres, temperatures, part loading, and belt speeds using recipe management for complete traceability of an order from beginning to end.

Industries We Serve

  • Firearms and weapons systems
  • Automotive and off-road equipment
  • Building materials
  • Consumer products
  • Construction equipment
  • Defense
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Medical Tool & Die
  • Marine
  • Hardware
  • Medical supplies

We pride ourselves in our ability to keep distortion to a minimum and to produce clean and bright parts allowing our customers to deliver on time, reliable products to their customers, maintaining a robust supply chain.

At American Heat Treating, Inc. we take pride in being able to meet the requirements of anyone who comes to us for help; whether you want us to process one piece or a million and one pieces!